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Leicester taxi Quote

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Leicester Taxi Quote & Fixed Prices

Leicester taxi Quote is for a local taxi in leicester or a long distance taxi from leicester today. Living or visiting urban environment, there are numerous public transportation available. While you can walk, take bus or train; taxi still becomes the best travelling transportation for numerous reasons. However, some people may become skeptical due to bad experiences of getting ripped off by a taxi driver. Well, we have heard those stories, but it does not mean that you should give up on riding taxi. Speaking of taxi, it has numerous benefits that other public transportation cannot afford such as punctuality and efficiency. Thanks to the technology, we can enjoy easy taxi booking and also instant taxi quote. Using the Leicester taxi Quote, you do not have to bother with negotiating taxi fare or end up paying more than the taxi meter.


The Cheap Taxi Leicester is a modern taxi service which has been employed the modern system to book taxi service using the online booking or you can also use the conventional calling method. In addition to easy booking process, our taxi service also provide taxi quote which enable to you know the taxi fare right away. To enjoy this feature, you just need to visit our website at cheapleicestertaxis.com and head to quick quote section. Then, you just need to fill out the form and click sent and you will receive the quick quote.


With the easy process, you can enjoy our best taxi service with no more worry of the inconsistent taxi fares. The Leicester taxi Quote feature is also has some other benefits as the following.

No additional or hidden fee – sometimes during peak hours or peak seasons, taxi driver tend to increase their rate by modifying the meter program. In other cases, they might also charge more for something unreasonable. To avoid getting charge for hidden or additional fee, the quick quite will be very useful since you only need to pay what you have quoted.

Fixed rate – our taxi service applies the fixed rate system. In which we do not receive negotiating for the fares. The special fixed rate can give you affordable taxi rate and we also provide student discounts for a low cost student taxis. If you do not want to deal with negotiating the taxi price; the fixed rate taxi is the best option for you.

Taxi fares & Rates

Besides fixed rate and quick quote, we also offer other services which set us apart from other taxi companies in Leicester.

Nonstop service – there is never been a good time to grab a taxi. Early morning flight, midnight arrival, or late night party pickup; we cover all your transportation need for 24/7 all year round. With fast response and nonstop service, our taxi service promises you the best from our company.

Easy book – there is no more standing in the curb or stand in line to get a taxi. You only need to call or online book from our website and our driver will pick you on the place. We apply the modern technology to bring the easy Leicester taxi Quote booking process for the customers.