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Are you new to the peaceful city of Leicester?. Are you a university student who just arrives in Leicester to study?. Or are you a tourist who wants to enjoy the beauty of Leicester City?. If your answers are yes. then you need to contact us for our trusted taxi service.that can not only take you to your destinations in the city. but also give you important advices. and information about the city including its points. of interest that can help you in the future.

There may be many taxi services in Leicester City. but we are still one of the best student taxis in the city. We have a group of communicative and informative taxi drivers. with good attitudes that can take you anywhere you want. Our taxis have taken many students to the places. they usually need to visit before they start. their college lives in the city. so that we can recommend you the places. that are usually visited by new college students.

If you want to buy stationeries. we have the list of recommended stationery stores. If you want to hang out with your friends. we have plenty recommendations of the best cafes and restaurants in the city. If you need some entertainments. we also have a never-ending list of malls and shopping centers you can visit anytime. In other words, we can always become your best partner in transportation.

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As a university taxi service. we also understand the conditions of most university students. so that we never want to put the weight of high-price. fare to our customers. especially if our customers are university students. We have relatively cheap fare price. So, you don’t have to worry about being unable to buy anything. once you have reached your destination because. you have to pay the expensive fare price of our taxi unit.

Not only that, to press the price ever further. we also apply student discounts for university students who get in our taxis. So, as long as you can get to your destinations without having to worry about the fare price. then you are always happy. to take you anywhere you want.Just contact us.

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Having relatively cheap fare price doesn’t mean. that we don’t put our service quality as our top priority. In fact, we don’t only try to give our customers the best drivers. but also the best vehicles. Our taxi fleet is never as old as our company. so that you don’t have to worry about being delayed because of our taxi unit’s . breaking down on its way. Not only that, we also have various types of taxi units.

If you want to have a small and versatile vehicle. then we have several private hire cars at your service. If you want to travel with your friends in a group of 5 to 7 passengers. then you can choose one of our MPVs to take you and your friends. If you want to travel in a larger group of 8 to 13 people. then you can also try one of our minibus taxis. So, no matter how many you are.

we always have the required vehicle to accommodate you and your friends. If you have determined to use our taxi service. then you can just contact us with your cellphone and get one of our drivers to pick you up and then take you to your destination. Check out our quick leicester taxi quote page. It’s as simple as that.